Hey there, friends! Hail and well met! I’m BasiliskOnline and this is my website! Glorious, no?

I figured it was important to have a single place to find me, that way if (and when) social medias i focus on change, rise and fall, or i move and migrate to what is best for me, I have a single place where i will always live, and where people can always find me! Stop in, poke around and learn more about me.

Below, you’ll find a sneak peak on some of my most recent art and products for sale, but my full portfolio and shop pages are just a click away!

My most recent art can be seen below! Find my full portfolio here.

Take a peak at my most recent VTT products! See the rest at my store!

Digital Maps, Tokens and other Tabletop Role Playing Game Content is available through my store. art assets are compatible with Virtual Table Tops like Fantasygrounds and Roll20.

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People that subscribe to my website gain access to a bunch of extra rewards (the same as twitch subcribers and patreon patrons!) I do find the layout a little nicer here on the website but, maybe, that’s just me! Website subscribers get access to a series of Exclusive Vaults that contain stuff not released outside of subscribers and patrons: High Resolution Completed Work, Works in Progress and Sketches, and High Resolution Lineart for doing your own coloring. There are some more perks as well, if you are curious each subscription option has a full list of what they offer!