Greetings, Friends!

I am Dyer Rose, I go by BasiliskOnline most places on the internet and im not so good with the words, so i’m gonna keep this simple. I wear alot of hats, love to share my content with the world, and id love to be able to do it full time! unfortunately in this crazy capitalist hellscape i need to also pay rent and be able to eat, im hoping to allow the two to merge and become one in the same and do art and rpg content for a living (or at least allow me to scale back my day job and focus more on art, baby steps ya know), so what you need to know about me in a lil FAQ.

What’s yer name? Dyer. Online I go by BasiliskOnline, you can call me either, or something similar (Basilisk, Basil, etc)

Why BasiliskOnline? Actually, because im a huge nerd. The email, twitter and moniker was actually a series of RPG props i put together for a Mage the Ascension character, a Free Council mage whos Shadowname was “Basilisk.”

What sort of Art do you do? I do digital art, usually character art. Id say my specialty is in clean and detailed lineart. I also do Maps and tokens for RPGs (like Dungeons and Dragons) for use in VTT’s like roll20 and fantasygrounds.

What programs do you use? I mostly use PaintTool Sai, it provides a much more organic and natural feel to art for me, then photoshop. i most use photoshop for small specific tasks and post production if neccessary.

What sort of RPG Resources do you create? On the art side of things, I have done maps and tokens for things like my roll20 games, but I also do alot of homebrew content, mostly for D&D Fifth Edition, like creatures, subclasses, magical items, spells, feats and the like, as well as helpful handouts.

What are your Favorite RPG Systems? Fate Core by Evil Hat Productions is my very favorite rpg system hands down and without competition, I am also a huge fan of OpenLegend (which is free online!), D&D Fifth Edition, and the White Wolf Storyteller system (Especially Scion… so excited for 2E)

What Sort of Hardware do you use? I use this Yiynova tablet and an MSI GE62 2QD Apache Pro Laptop.

Yiynova or Cintiq? Ive worked with a smaller cintiq (a 13HD), and it is undeniably a better technology than the yiynova, but I dont think its worth the extra money unless you are really able to afford it. to get a Cintiq of a comparable size to the Yiynova tablet i use is over $2000, the Yiynova tablet i use is massive and costs just under $500. Its a good, very useable and strong tablet for its price. The screen real estate is just too important for me (and also the 13HD a TINY screen to use with a cintiq is still around 800 bucks, putting a sceen i’d say the Yiynova sits at around 163 square inches and the Cintiq 13HD at around 75 square inches.