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If you have found yourself here, you are considering helping to support me as an artist and for that I am very grateful to you! Minimum is $24.99 for this pledge level but you may feel free to donate more if you so desire. If you are thinking of donating more than 10.00, consider looking at my other subscriber levels! This donation level is equivalent to Subscribing to me on twitch with a 24.99 Subscription and twitch subscribers receive the same benefits as this level subscription.

As a $24.99 Subscriber you will receive access to:

  • Hi Resolution Files (not released to the general public, 600 dpi)
  • WIPs and Sketches (not released to the general public)
  • Free Access to DMsGuild titles, VTT tokens and/or maps as they are released (subject to change, as my business model and properties change, this may veer towards a monthly coupon)
  • You gain access to hi-resolution lineart (for coloring or what have you! go nuts!)
  • You also receive a 10% discount on all and any commissions.
  • 25 Ticket towards the quarterly raffle for free art (must be subscribed at the time of raffle)


  • I want to provide additional benefits at this level but at the moment i am blanking at any, please feel free to message me with any suggestions. 🙂

Please bare with me while i get this up and running, if there is anything specific you are looking for that is not yet available! (still mucking about this whole website thing) email me, and i can get it into your hands!


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